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Web Development

Content Writing

The website is the face of your business with the content being it's voice. The informational content is a crucial factor in determining the page-rank of a website within a search engine's (i.e. Google) results. Creative Mind Machine employs experienced, imaginative writers that can create attractive content and drive the right message to your audience.

Website Development

Website building is our core capability. Creative Mind Machine delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly products that result in recurring customer visits. We incorporate the latest standards and technologies in order to extend our offerings and provide superior results for our customers. We accept projects of any size/caliber.

Portal Implementation

Web portal differs from a website in the way that the users interact with it. It focuses mainly on community building where users register and use the services regularly. Our team is well versed in building theme-based portals (i.e. Real Estate portal, E-commerce store) that drive repetitive customer traffic.

Custom Web Development

Creative Mind Machine specializes in custom web development. We support the latest internet standards and innovative technologies to develop professional, highly engaging websites. We are experts in a number of applications, frameworks, databases, systems, and programming languages.

Flash Websites

Flash technology is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. It is ideal for capturing visitors' interest and giving websites a dynamic feel. We have expertise in creating attention-grabbing, immersive Flash websites, which provide your business with a professional edge and improves its ability to drive marketing points. We can design advertising banners, navigation menus, intro pages, presentations, and full blown websites.

Website Management

Who will tend to emergencies when your site is down? Need to change some crucial information at a moment's notice? Our experienced staff is there when you need them. Creative Mind Machine offers economical maintenance agreements that ensure peace of mind for our customers and are customized to their needs.