Web Design Orlando


What we provide
Creative Mind Machine offers comprehensive set of services to address our customers' various Internet related needs.

We specialize in web development and design, web hosting, e-commerce, and graphic design. We also provide additional services in other areas: mobile application development, Internet marketing, and social media applications.

Our efforts are focused on creating fully functional end solutions. However, we can also be engaged in specific functionality development efforts.
How we do it
We develop the solutions in our Orlando office. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource work overseas to the cheapest bidder.

Creative Mind Machine employs a team of professional developers, skilled graphic artists, and competent engineers.

We work with our global partner to configure, deploy, and maintain the most stable and efficient environment to host our customers' websites.

Our team members will go to the great lengths to ensure high quality of the products we deliver to our customers. Standard practices and frameworks are used to maintain high level of excellence.
Engagement process
After the initial contact (telephone call, e-mail, contact form request, service package purchase), we will provide a quote for requested services. Once a customer accepts a quote, a Creative Mind Machine representative contacts the client to discuss the details of the project.

When this is completed, we generate a contract document for services to be rendered. After the agreement is signed, we begin the required work.

Most projects are divided into stages (i.e. mock up design, development, testing, implementation). At each phase of the process will will engage the customer and solicit comments, guidance, and validation.
Rates and fees
Our services are available as packaged solutions and "à la carte" offerings.

Package is a combination of services and options that make up a complete solution (i.e. everything that is needed to build a website and to make it available on the Internet). Each package has an associated price and a list of included services. We do not pass the fees charged by third parties (i.e. for domain name registration) onto our customers. These fees are included in the packaged deals.

"À la carte" services are priced individually and usually correspond to our hourly rate ($75/hour). They can be bundled together to create a custom package and to realize volume savings.