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    Consultancy Company Website

    IT Mind Solutions website is a front for professional consultancy company. General business information, contact forms, and several marketing messages are presented throughout.

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  • real estate website

    Real Estate Agency Website

    This is a website created for a Real Estate Agency. It has separate areas to showcase the properties, advertise services, and provide means to contact the agents.

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    E-commerce Store Website

    Rolex Club Web Store is a fully functional e-commerce site. The products (with pictures and descriptions) are shown in a number of formats. The shopping cart, credit card processing, order tracking, and user registration are integrated into the website. This portal uses a database to store product and user information. A separate website with store management functionality is used for day-to-day operations.

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  • e-commerce

    Photography Studio Website

    Zoe Marten's Photography website presents works by a professional photographer. The studio's services and contact information are presented alongside gallery of stunning pictures. A blog functionality is included with moderator back-end access.

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  • Orlando Web Design

    Flash Website

    This website is designed using Flash technology.
    An animated robot and three music tracks are showcased in addition to the informational material.

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  • Medical Clinic Website

    This website was developed for a physical therapy clinic and showcases our work in medical market segment.

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  • Fantasy Graphics Website

    This website showcases our graphic design capabilities. It was developed using flash technology.

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